We power the advertising that powers the Internet.


Halofun is a data-driven advertising platform that provides advertisers and publishers with powerful insights and predictive analytics to unlock the full potential of their digital campaigns. By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, halofun enables advertisers to identify and reach high-value audiences with precision, while helping publishers optimize their inventory and maximize revenue.


Driving Superior Monetization

Halofun creates quality programmatic advertising markets that drive superior monetization for publishers and optimal value for brands. As a monetization partner, we enable publisher partners and developers access to the marketing budgets of top advertisers and brands via the 100+ DSPs, 200+ Agencies, and Trading Desks around the world.

Publisher Partners

For publishers, Halofun offers a seamless and efficient way to monetize their digital properties. Our platform provides publishers with access to top-tier advertisers, competitive CPMs, and flexible ad formats, ensuring maximum revenue generation and optimization of ad inventory..

Demand Partners, Buyers, and Advertisers

Reach your target audiences and maximize campaign performance across all screens on the #1 ranked exchange in traffic quality. With 1,000+ premium publishers, buyers access 20+ billion monthly impressions.

Mobile Monetization

The power of the Halofun Ad Exchange maximizes the value of impression on the world’s most popular devices driving mobile app and mobile web monetization.


Our robust global technology infrastructure ensures full reliability for all ad formats across all digital environments and provide premium service for Mobile Apps to reach audiences across the entire mobile ecosystem.


Maximize revenue

Leverage real-time price floor technology to ensure you are getting a fair price for every impression. Halofun SSP calculates impression values and optimal prices based on geo, time, and more, adapting to changes on the fly to ensure you get the best price from your buyers.


Access new sources of demand

Drive incremental revenue and access new sources of demand using header bidding with the Halofun SSP. Header bidding provides efficient access to demand on the Halofun platform while increasing bid density in your primary ad server.


One solution for all devices

Halofun empowers publishers to build a world-class business. Our integration options offer the flexibility to control how ads are served into apps and specialized algorithms to allocate ad inventory efficiently across all mobile demand sources.

About us

Our mission is to power advertisers and mobile app publishers to do more with their advertising campaigns and ad inventory, respectively. We are committed to building the most powerful and pioneering mobile advertising solutions-to help clients engage with highly targeted users, and to enable mobile app developers to monetize their inventory in a smarter manner.